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Robert's Fern
Gymnocarpium robertianum

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum) Other common names: Limestone Oak Fern, Scented Oak Fern

Other scientific names: Carpogymnia robertiana, Dryopteris robertiana, Polypodium robertianum

French names: Gymnocarpe de Robert

Family: Wood Fern Family (Dryopteridaceae)

Distinctive features: Single stalk. Three-part frond. Delicate aspect. Thrice divided.

Similar species:
  •   Oak Fern (Gymnocarpium dryopteris) - in woods, more common.

  •   Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) - much larger, very common.

  •   Rattlesnake Fern (Botrypus virginianus) - stouter; single fertile frond rising straight up; common.

  •   Grape Ferns - stouter; stout separate fertile frond.

Fronds: Thrice divided

Habitat: Fields and Open Areas

Native/Non-native: Native

Status: Rare.

Photographs: 195 photographs available, of which 6 are featured on this page. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOGRAPHS.

Range Map is at the bottom of the page

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

A clump of Robert's Fern growing in a dolostone crevice.

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

Closer view.

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

Photo of a full frond.

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

Closeup of the frond.

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

Underside of the leaflet, showing the sori.Note how the sori are arranged along the edges of the subleaflets.

Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

Closer view of the sori.

Range map for Robert's Fern (Gymnocarpium robertianum)

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